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  • 3 day virtual retreat: Join us live for our virtual retreat.
  • Recordings: Can't make all days of the retreat? The VIP package includes life-time access to the recordings of our 3-day journey.
  • Retreat Companion: Our beautiful XXX page retreat companion full of activities and exercises that complement what we discover during our journey. 

  • LIVE Q&A Session: Join Carrie and Mauricio for a Live Group Q&A session (date to be determined after the retreat), where you will be able to clarify any XXXXX  

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Here is a small sample of what our past clients are saying about the Hero Within

"I’m happier than I've been in years"

"As a result of learning about my energy levels and the choices I have available to me in each moment, I've been able to make tremendous progress in my relationship with my wife. I no longer react to situations in frustration and anger, but am able to calmly reflect on my options and choose my response that is more aligned with who I am. I've learned I'm a highly caring man, who wants to provide the best for my family in all I do. Since working with Carrie, my wife and I are no longer in the process of divorcing, but are actively working together to appreciate each other's point of view and cooperate better than we ever have in the past. I’m happier than I've been in years."

"Creates a sense of safety, so you can share with what is truly going on"

I hired Carrie as an Executive Coach and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.  My life has been transformed personally and professionally and I contribute it to the loving, consistent support I receive from Carrie every other week. Carrie creates a sense of safety, so you can share with her what is truly going on for you and she listens with an empathetic heart.  She knows how to bring out the best in people.

"Kind, sincere and empathetic"

During a time of turmoil in my life I went looking for a coach to help me make some changes in my work/career life. I feel so fortunate to have come across Mauricio to help me transition through these big changes. I have found Mauricio to be kind, sincere and empathetic and at the same time expertly adept at his craft…. guiding and inspiring me to complete tasks and achieve my goals. Mauricio has proved to be genuinely invested in my success and I am feeling much more confident and prepared as I navigate all the new things coming my way.

"It was amazing to look back, and see how far I'd come"

I loved working with Carrie and found our time working together to have a major impact on my life. It wasn't trauma that led me to Carrie, but a need to make progress on my professional development. She was very skilled at hitting the balance between empathic listening and prodding me to make positive steps forward.

It was amazing to look back, after six sessions, and see how far I'd come in getting what I said I wanted out the outset. She's a wonderful person and a joy to work with.

"Nuevamente, Mil Gracias!"

 Mauricio, muy buenos días,

Nuevamente mil gracias por tener esa iniciativa tan maravillosa de estas capacitaciones que sin duda no solamente a mi, si no también a otras personas les ayudara mucho en el rumbo de su vida.

Las capacitaciones me han ayudado a cuestionarme de lo que ha sido mi vida hasta ahora, pondré en práctica todo lo que he aprendido contigo. Todo ha sido un gran aporte, el solo hecho de cuestionarnos porque estamos aquí?... algo tan simple, pero con tanta trascendencia que aveces ni vemos.

Excelente, excelente. Mil gracias!

"A lightning soul that guided me when I was in shadowed times"

I started to work with Carrie, when I was in a difficult situation after a painful separation and a tough moment in my professional life, within a hard environment far from my family and friends. Carrie is kind and loving but for the top was the feeling that my heart and emotional life were safe and in good hands. Hers is a lightning soul that guided me when I was in shadowed times.

The path we walked brought me to a place where I can see myself and my life from a perspective I was not able to see before, overloaded by the emotions – being able to know myself, being able to be more aware of who I am and being able to love who I am.

This is a 1-time offer!

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The Hero Within is a brotherhood of men who are working on their own plans and goals so you don't have to do this work alone. We provide the roadmap, the vehicle, and the necessary supplies for your journey to a life of joy, happiness and fulfillment

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